Baggage pick-up

Air Canada is responsible for baggage services. Here is the information needed to claim your baggage:

Please ensure you have all pertinent information on all correspondence, such as passenger name and address, date of travel, and File Reference Number in order to speed up the process. You may also be asked for, when applicable, your flight information, baggage tags and boarding pass(es).

Any and all information you provide to the call centre agent is relayed to the airport agents and ground personnel in order to help them find your baggage.

Toll-Free Telephone Within North America

1 888 689-2247
Toll-free 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Toll-Free Fax Within North America: 1-800-237-3563

Outside North America

Call the Air Canada Baggage office nearest you. For the list of telephone numbers, go to Air Canada Worldwide.

Worldwide (Star Alliance Partners)

To get in touch with the baggage department of any of our partner airlines, please try contacting them through the Star Alliance website.

Via email

Please ensure when you email us that you provide all pertinent information on your correspondence, such as File Reference Numbers, passenger name(s) and address(es), dates of travel, and any other additional identifying information you may have in order to speed up the process.